Father Day Gift For Dad

Father Day Skincare Kit

Stuck on a Gift for Dad? Skincare.

  • Your Dad is over socks and jocks. He’s old enough to buy his own.
  • He has a tackle box in the back of the shed that's been collecting dust since Christmas.
  • Let’s be real. How many times have you given him a voucher?

You have this struggle at least three times a year. And you don’t want to break the bank. Ask yourself. If he’s got everything that he wants, what does he really need?

Well – we’ve got the tools to keep him scrubbed up alright. The stuff he won’t find at Bunnings.

We hope he does.

And a solid face wash is the surefire kick to get some serious skincare started.

Our Canvas Two-in-One Cleanser and Scrub will get him stepping out looking sharp. It’s formulated to shed away any dead skin cells, revealing his freshest and smoothest face yet. The grainy coconut charcoal forms the micro-exfoliants which will unclog pores and draw out blackheads. And with the activated blend of essential oils and extracts – he’ll smell a million bucks too.

You keep reminding him.

With the Daily Moisturiser, we pack in the goods to help turn back the clock. It’s a simple no-fuss and non-sticky cream to nourish the face after cleansing. With its high concentration of antioxidants, it’s the fast-absorbing hydration he needs. Packed with active anti-ageing ingredients, it combats those fine lines and wrinkles. It also serves up a natural shine-free finish, so his secret is safe with you.

Or he has a beard.

Either way – our Alpha Hydroxy Toner is the next magic step in Dad’s new shining complexion. It’s powerful plant-based properties will tighten pores, reduce redness and combat razor-burn. With a couple of sprays, it provides the collagen-stirring punch he needs to break down puffiness, and boost the rate of skin cell renewal.

And probably snores.

Our Youthful Face Oil forms the last stage of Dad’s new daily routine. Applied before bed, the vitamin-packed formula penetrates to improve skin tone and texture. The easy roll-on includes Jojoba Oil, the secret anti-inflammatory agent that balances imperfections and restores elasticity. Dad won’t just be sleeping like a baby, he’ll be looking like one too.

And he loves a system. That’s why we’ve got it covered with our deluxe Kempt Kit. All four products. Four simple steps. All-natural ingredients. No nasties.

Foolproof right? Easier than an IKEA flatpack.

Face it. It’s about time you got the present right and made a little fuss this Father’s Day. Dad taught you the benefits of putting your best face forward. Why not return the favour. Why not our Kempt Kit

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