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Men's Skincare Kit

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Improves and maintain skin health for a youthful glow.
Clears acne, sebaceous filaments and blackheads.
Hydrates and protects for all day protection.

Four essentials to healthy glowing skin

1. Microfoliant Cleanser

Unclogs blackheads, clears acne and brightens

Two-in-one men's face cleanser and scrub brewed with activated coconut charcoal and a botanical blend of fruit extracts. Designed to dissolve and remove acne and blackheads, shed and scrub dead skin cells, unclog pores and wash away the days grime for a refreshed clean face.

Learn more about our Microfoliant Cleanser.

2. Alpha Toner

Tightens pores for a smoother look and feel

Make this natural men’s face toner an essential part in your skincare routine, especially post cleansing your face with our Canvas Cleanser. Our Alpha Toner contains five botanical alpha hydroxy acids which will help restore clarity, remove excess oils and balance the skin's ph. levels.

Learn more about our Alpha Toner.

3. Light Moisturiser

Protects and soothes, all day long

This deeply replenishing, fast absorbing & shine free men's moisturiser cream contains a high concentration of extracts & oils akin to the skin's lipids. Our proprietary blend of extracts have been shown to promote collagen production & reduce the signs of premature aging.

Learn more about our Light Moisturiser.

4. Youthful Oil

Repairs and revitalises for a youthful glow

This men's natural face oil is a 100% active oil formulated to have multi-correctional activity, penetration and nourishment. Super rich the world most nutrient plants, botanicals and essential oils designed to help boost collagen and circulation for improved skin tone, elasticity, balance and texture.

Learn more about our Youthful Face Oil.

Great products and easy to keep a daily routine up as it takes very little time out of your day. My face has a glow with it now and my skin feels soft and a lot firmer and at 60 thats a bonus 😜 Thankyou Chris for a great skincare product and I'd highly recommend to everyone 😊

Andrew Grundy

Great men’s skincare products, really fast delivery and noticeable difference in skin after 1 week using the Kempt kit daily.

Jason Clifford

Been using this for a couple of weeks now, I've had compliments from my partner and friends about how noticeably different my skin is.

Samuel Snowdon

I bought this as a gift for my son and I can already see the difference in his skin, he just loves using this product!
I have been using this for 12 months and have noticed a huge difference in my complexion and skin health.
It works very well i have used it over a year now. Highly recommend

Naturally formulated and bottled to an art

We’ve bottled this men's skincare kit down to a fine art because your face is the canvas that needs to shine. We balance only the finest extracts and oils to deliver the optimal dose of results without fuss. We’re committed to better practices that don’t compromise on the highest standards.

Hydrating skincare in 4 easy steps

Step 1: Steamy Cleanse

Turn your nightly shower into a sensual dance for your pores.

Step 2: Spritz

Post-cleansing, give your face a little spritz of our toner.

Step 3: Hydrate

Before slipping into your dreams, seduce your skin with our Youthful Oil. It's an overnight affair that works tirelessly, boosting collagen and repairing the day's wear and tear. Wake up to a love affair with your rejuvenated skin.

Step 4: Morning glow

Begin your day by waking your face with a light moisturiser. It's like a daily love letter to your skin, keeping it protected, hydrated, and radiant.


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